Developing Your Personal Tagline

Today I am developing my personal tagline. I had not even considered this task until my current WordPress template asked me for one. I jokingly used “Blogging for fame and fortune one day at a time” to start, but I knew it needed to be MUCH better than that.  I needed something stronger, more succinct and true to my personal brand.  So as always when I want to learn more,  I went to the web.

Molli Megasko of Spinsucks  says there are three steps to developing your personal tagline which are as follows:

1. Develop your personal mission statement

2.  Build an elevator pitch

3.  Fill in your commas

Three taglines of celebrities for example are:

  • Steve Jobs, business magnate and inventor.
  • Maya Angelou, America’s most visible black female autobiographer.
  • Martin Scorsese, film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, and film historian.

Robin Fisher Roffer CEO of Big Fish Marketing suggests three different steps to discovering your best personal tagline:

Step 1: Identify your unique skills and best qualities, and create a list of descriptive words and phrases that correspond to your professional self. Look for something you can deliver that few can and that you love to do.

Step 2: Edit your definition down to a zippy phrase that aligns with your job or the most magnetic aspects of your career. Your tagline should be the verbal equivalent of a logo that will come to people’s mind when they hear your name.

Step 3: Make your tagline benefit-driven, aspirational, descriptive or a call to action. “You’re in good hands with Allstate” is benefit driven. BMW’s tagline is descriptive, “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” Nike’s “Just Do It” is aspirational, while American Express’ tagline “Take Charge,” is a call to action.

If you are looking for examples of taglines,  here is 30 Great Personal Branding Tagline Examples to get you inspired.

I just created mine, and I know it is still a work in progress:

Marketing professional, adventurer, lifelong learner, always looking for a new challenge.

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