Snapchat for Dummies

I was at the SocialWest conference in Calgary last week and I came back with so much to think about. I was thinking I would do a blog post on the conference, but it turns out I am going to do several based on my major takeaways. The very first thing I am going to touch on is Snapchat.

I have had Snapchat on my phone for around 3 years and have done almost nothing with it. I probably joined out of curiosity, as I do with so many other things, but it never really drew me in. Last week at the conference I felt like maybe Snapchat is about to reach a tipping point. If we were to look at the diffusion of innovation model below, I would guess Snapchat is somewhere in that blue section, not yet at it’s peak but gaining mass traction. Heck even the Whitehouse is using it.



Kat Macaulay was the woman who spoke about Snapchat at SocialWest. She actually created her presentation using Snapchat! As far as who should be using Snapchat, here is what Kat had to say about that.


Credit: Kat MacCulay

Her chat and the enthusiasm of other conference attendees convinced me to really give it a go. So I have spent the last few days digging in, watching others snaps, creating my own, and reading the odd article here and there. This video covers the basics of navigating the app. I broke my own rule to keep these videos under three minutes. I think I would have had to pick out a single feature instead of tackling a whole app to keep it short.

As I mentioned in the video, this is only what I have learned in the last week. I’m sure there is lots of nuance I have yet to grasp. What do you love about Snapchat? Who do you like to follow? Have I got any of my facts wrong here. I would love to hear from you in the comments.

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