Now that my final papers have been written and my taxes are done, I have been able to turn my full attention to my work search. It is time to turn up the heat on this endeavor. I have been doing all the conventional things, like developing my resume, rewriting my cover letters to be targeted to specific positions, and today I submitted my resume to a local recruiting firm. The phone is not yet ringing, and so here I sit blogging about it. Not only am I blogging but I am working on my LinkedIn profile.  Since I joined LinkedIn more than a few years ago now, I haven’t quite known what to do with it. How much detail should one add? As with my resume I have had to really pare it down to reflect what are the most important aspects of my experience, that are going to be relevant in my most desired future jobs. That said I think the fact that I worked on an asparagus farm when I was 19 is incredibly interesting, it does not however make the cut for my resume or LinkedIn.

So what do you do with your LinkedIn Profile? I have started my search for answers with Melonie Dodaro.   Her claim is that she is “Canada’s number one social media expert”. I actually did catch an article on her and her recommendations specifically for using LinkedIn in our local paper about a year ago.  Now if you are like I was and you don’t want to spend every hour of the next week improving your LI profile you can read Melonie’s 21 LinkedIn tips to just get the briefest beginner version of how to improve and develop your profile. Most of her recommendations seem like good ones: use a professional photo, use keywords in your headline, follow companies you are interested in.  There are also some interesting nuggets, like how to customize your LinkedIn URL and how you should aim to to have 501+ connections because after that your number of connections are no longer displayed. I would say for most people this is all they are going to want to know about LinkedIn. However, I have another 50 page PDF to read for my bed time story tonight to see if  there is more insight to gain yet. I will keep you posted.

If you have any doubts about the value of LinkedIn check out this infographic on how it is Revolutionizing the World of Recruiting.