Throwback Thursday: A moment with Debbie Travis

It’s been a while since I posted a Throwback Thursday moment. Rather than a long post, today’s is a photo.  This photo comes from a conference I attended in 2009 where Debbi Travis the Canadian Queen of home decorating was one of the speakers. It was the annual conference of Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, which was an incredible experience for me. Three days of inspiration, learning and meeting other women in business.

Me with Debbie Travis

Me with Debbie Travis

Throwback Thursday: Feel the Fear – Public Speaking

Public speaking makes me nervous. Am I alone? What is that thing they say, most people fear public speaking more than death. In spite of the fear I have had occasion to do quite a bit of it in my life. As an exchange student in South Africa, I did a traveling slide show and talk about Canada to various, school, community and Rotary groups. As a young adult I had the privilege of attending an economic summit for the Kootenays, the region I lived in at the time, and was selected as the youth delegate to address attendees at the conclusions of the summit. I was sweating buckets speaking before 400 business leaders and the Premier of our province, but I did it. I don’t know who said it, but I think this is the best advice to take into those situations: “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” What amazes me is that often watching anyone speak, they never look as nervous as they admit to being after the fact.

A few years back I did this interview for a local TV news segment, promoting an event for the local cloth diapering community. I was still running my eCommerce business, Rocky Mountain Kid, at the time and the event had a strong tie in with our products and philosophy. I don’t think I look nervous at all, though I know I was. What do you think?

Throwback Thursday – Guinness Book Event

Throwback Thursday: Drinking Wine with Robert Mondavi

This photo has to be one of my all time favorites; on the left is Robert Mondavi and that is me on the right. The photo was taken in 2004 at COPIA: The American Center for Food Wine and the Arts in Napa Valley. At the time I was working in my first career as a professional cook and I was volunteering at the center a few weekends a month as means of professional development and networking. For a food geek like me COPIA was the ultimate playground. I had the opportunity to taste fine wines, learn more about food and meet food and wine celebrities. This photo is me talking to Robert Mondavi at the volunteer Christmas party. Mondavi and his wife were founders and benefactors of COPIA. Robert Mondavi was a pioneer of the wine industry in California who is credited with bringing worldwide recognition to wines from the Napa Valley. Just about anybody who drinks wine will have sampled a bottle with this man’s name on the label. Cheers!


Throwback Thursday

So several of my friends and even a business or two that I follow on Facebook have been posting Throwback Thursday photos, which are cute, sentimental reminiscences of times gone by. It got me thinking that I have some great professional Throwback Thursday moments in my arsenal. So here it is, my very first Throwback Thursday post. I came across this newspaper clipping in a box of mementos my dad returned to me last year; I had completely forgotten about the thing .

I was 19 at the time, working as a Student Employment Officer for Human Resources Development Canada, and had recently discovered a love for running. In hindsight I think this was an indication of my interest in marketing and promotions. The idea was for employers to call in with jobs for students and for each job I would run a 1/2 kilometer.

Thinking back I think the best part was that the last line of the article mentioned I was going to be looking for a new job shortly, and I got one because of the article. I had a call from a local gym owner the next week telling me she had seen the article and wanted to hire me. Now that is the way to get a job, have them call you!