My New 3 Minute How To Series

I have got inspired recently to do a great deal more with video. To challenge myself and perhaps share something of value, I have decided to work on a video series called “3 Minute How To”. I will be trying to choose some topics that I think have a wider appeal and will always strive to keep them short and snackable.  This first one is about how to use photoshop to remove an element of a photo from its background and set it on another background. What do you think? Ideas for future videos? Burning questions about social media, marketing, content development? Comment below to tell me what you think or ask a question.

Always Learning

I spent the day at a terrific event today. In my work I spend a lot of time at my computer, however given the opportunity I am uber enthusiastic to get social, as in face to face with social. Today’s event was a partnership with Seekers Media,  TELUS, and the Chinook Country Tourism Association. The workshop’s goal was “to empower you with tips and tricks to increase your social media following and offer solutions to grow your business through digital media”.

I came away feeling pretty inspired to try some new things with video. Prior to the workshop there were some recommended apps for downloading, one of which was iMovie for the iPhone. I have used iMovie on my Mac previously but hadn’t worked with it on my phone. It is my new favourite app! Here is a quick little video I made to experiment and sum up the day.

Lots of other good little nuggets came from the day: